• 1.Photo:Hachimanyama Cherry Blossoms
  • 2.Photo:Gyoza
  • 3.Photo:Oya History Museum
  • 4.Photo:Utsunomiya Castle Park
  • 5.Photo:Cocktail town Utsunomiya
  • 6.Photo:The city of jazz
  • 7.Photo:Sake of Utsunomiya
  • 8.Photo:mt.kogashi
  • 9.Photo:Matsugamine Church
  • 10.Photo:Kamagawa
  • 11.Photo:3x3(June,July)
  • 12.Photo:Ishinadafloats(Held once every four years, in July)
  • 13.Photo:MiyaFestival(August)
  • 14.Photo:Utsunomiyafireworks(August)
  • 15.Photo:Japancup(October)
  • 16.Photo:BontenFestival
  • 17.Photo:Samurai Queue(March)

Welcome to Utsunomiya City

Utsunomiya City is the most famous town for gyoza (dumplings) in Japan that is located near Tokyo (approximately 100km). In addition to gyoza, it is a very attractive town in which one can enjoy jazz and cocktails, and mysterious underground lake cruising at Oya, home of the Oya stone. It is blessed with nature, and is also a town with an 800 year long history from the Utsunomiya in the middle ages, fragrant with culture. Recently big sports events, such as the "Japan Cup Cycle Road Race" (Asia's top one day cycling road race) and "3x3 (three by three) World Tour Utsunomiya Masters" (3 person basketball international competition), are held in Utsunomiya, and it is gaining attention not only domestically, but also from around the world.

Furthermore, Utsunomiya City is ranked number one in the country in a private investigation as a place that is easy to live. It has been selected as a town in which the lifestyle is comfortable, with evaluations of ranking number one also as a town for parents who both work to raise children (of cities with 500,000 people or more in 2017). At present, under the slogan of "Utsunomiya: City of the Future," action is being taken to for establishing the first new domestic next generation light rail transit (LRT) system, and it continues to develop as the largest city in Kita Kanto where commerce and industry and financial functions accumulate.

Utsunomiya City can be reaches from Tokyo Station by the Tohoku Shinkansen in about 50 minutes, or from the Metropolitan Expressway by car by via the Tohoku Expressway Kanuma Interchange (I.C.) or Utsunomiya Interchange (I.C.) in about 110 minutes.